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For windows 7 and Vista users, this is not a Vog problem but a
microsoft security issue that causes this to happen...
Please do the following.
1: Click on start and in the search field type in UAC, or click on Control
Panel and at the top of the window you will see the Search Bar option, type
in UAC in there, It will then show link for "User Account Controls". Click
on that. Put the slde bar down to the Never notify. It may ask you to
2:IMPORTANT: Turn off UAC and leave off until all is finished
3: Delete temp files from internet temp folder usually done through IE under
tools, internet.
4: Log onto vogs web page and download the software.
Hope this helps.
Vogclub.com User Support

  1. Go to  http://fmjd.org/dias2/index.php?game=64
  2. Start entering the diagram:
    1. Click on the white checker on the second row of buttons.
    2. Start clicking on empty squares to place the white checker on.
    3. Do same for black checkers: 
      1. Click on the black checker to select it
      2. Start clicking on empty squares.
    4. To remove a checker 
      1. Click on empty spot (under the house).
      2. Then click on the occupied square.
    5. The kings work the same way.
    6. To wipe the board clean select the Empty Board button.
    7. To place all 24 checkers click the Full Board button. 
    8. You can experiment with different board formats here or at the next stage.
    9. When satisfied with the position (all checkers in their places) click on Send.
  3. You are now in the Design stage, here you can experiment with different looks.
    1. Do not try to copy/link this diagram, at this stage the diagram exists temporary.
  4. When satisfied click Save On Server.
    1. From now on the diagram will exist at the permanent location on FMJD site.
    2. You will see something like <img src="http://fmjd.org/dias2/save/13432757353.png">
      1. The actual diagram address is between the double quotes:  http://fmjd.org/dias2/save/13432757353.png
      2. You can also copy it by right-clicking the diagram and selecting Copy Image URL.

But making a diagram is only half the job - the real question is - where do you want to put it?
Typically you will try to enter it while posting on forums or in comments - these programs offer a special image button 
  1. Click the Image button
  2. Paste (Ctrl-V) the diagram address
  3. Save (Ok)
  4. You might see text instead of a diagram - do not worry, the image will appear after you save the post.

TDam - Turbo DamBase - by Klaas Bor
Instructions to download and install a free Pool Checkers version.

1. Go to the site http://www.turbodambase.com/
2. Click on English (top right)

Before downloading you have to create an account.
When you create an account you will receive an email to activate the account.
Sometimes this email to activate is not set, or is in your spam-box. 
If you do not receive the email to activate then let Klaas know.

3. Click Download
4.Select Turbo Dambase program (build

After download: 
1. Iinstall the program and run it.
2.Select Help/About.. to register the program
(enter same email and password as your account, then press Register button).
You should receive answer that registration is ok.

Change the language:
1. Click the Instellen/Opties/Taal
2. Change to English in the first box and to Engels in the other two.
3. Select Een
4. Click Ok

Select Options/Game Type
Select American (that is Pool Checkers) or Russian, depending on your need.

Your are done!

The general library is available to everyone, but only registered users can post.
Those who post consistently are considered Active Users.

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