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Pool Checkers Rules
tgfDate: Sunday, 2011-09-25, 10:31 AM | Message # 1
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We already know that our game is played in many countries from Americas to Africa, Asia, Europe and Pacific islands.
Most of the time the game has different names, often there are slight differences in rules, and so on.

The rise of Pool Checkers in United States gave game its name, and the growth of Pool Checkers sites spreads theory and practical know-how to those seeking the knowledge. The Pool Checkers Library can become the catalytic center to unite players from different countries, to organize world events, or simply be referenced in case of rule disputes.

But what are the rules? Who decides what the rules are?
We are. I call upon the African players, the Phillipines, Jamaica, England, USA, Polland, etc. to join in creating simple common-sense set of rules.
The basic foundation should be the following:
1. Use simple well understood words
2. Demonstrate the rules with visual aids - it is better to see a diagram than hear a hundred words of explanation
3. Give general guidelines, do not force for example the size of checkers, any checkers would do
4. Treat the players as gentlemen playing a gentleman's game - if a player wants to go to the bathroom he should not be suspected of something else

Let's start with suggestions and see where that leads us.
tgfDate: Tuesday, 2011-10-04, 8:37 PM | Message # 2
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What about the recording? The alphanumeric chess notation is used in both Russian and Brazilian checkers, shouldn't Pool be also recorded in the same notation?
Same goes for who moves first, in the above games white side moves first, but in Pool it is the black side.
There is a simple explanation - the main checkers game in USA is English Draughts (or as it is called in USA - Straight Checkers) - there the black side moves first and they use numeric notation.
What about your country? Which side moves first in your country?
John ReadeDate: Wednesday, 2011-10-05, 0:22 AM | Message # 3
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International draughts (100 squares, 10x10) uses numbers but White moves first.

Russians have used algebraic notation from the early days. (Petrov, 1824) This is why Kaplan used algebraic notation. He was Russian.

Algebraic notation was proposed in Britain in 1992 when Tinsley was playing Chinook and getting publicity in the press. It was hoped to make it easier for chess players to follow the games and get interested in checkers. But it never happened.

The work and expense of transferring from numeric notation to algebraic notation would be prohibitive. I can't imagine anyone volunteering to do this work. It would be a thankless task!
YoungbloodDate: Wednesday, 2011-10-05, 9:37 PM | Message # 4
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One thing that baffles them is why we use numeric notation when the rest of the World is using an alphanumeric chess notation?

Though I am proficient in both systems I also have to understand there is a lot riding on this than meets the eay. To begin with, the following variants uses the numeric notation: American Pool , English (straight), Spanish, Italian, International, Jamaican, Canadian, Thia and Frisian.

I told them of the Black and Waters books written this way

Although there aren't many Pool checkers books written by Americans, I will add the fact that many English (straight checkers) books were "also written this way" by such greats as: Millard Hopper, Robert Pike, Richard Pask, Richard L. Fortman, William F. Ryan, Fred Reinfeld, Jim Loy , Marion Tinsley, Asa Long, Derek Oldbury, Don Lafferty. ( To name a few.). Not including books written for other variants.

There is a lot more riding on this than meets logic. It's called unique. Every system has it's own rules that makes it unique.
Roger BlaineDate: Monday, 2011-10-10, 3:01 PM | Message # 5
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I must note the fact that Russian checker literature shows a glaring inconsistency: they use algebraic notation for the 8x8 board, but numeric for 10x10 International Checkers. Sometimes both the Russian and International games are discussed in the same book, and the book is half in algebraic and half in numeric!

I think Russian (and other) writers should switch over to numeric notation for the small board, rather than expect English-language writers to switch to algebraic.

As to historic background, I think it makes more sense for Pool Checkers to conform to Straight Checkers usage than to Chess usage.

Roger Blaine
HugoDate: Monday, 2011-12-12, 9:35 PM | Message # 6
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I don't think using one notation over the other is a big deal, the important thing is that the games can be recorded and other players understand and can analyse and learn from the the games for all times.

In Jamaica Black moves first, and the rule regarding the number of moves for 'Three Kings' is the same but we have no time limit on 'Walking the Pig'.
In general our game is the same except that our 8th Check runs from Right to Left, but the numbering of the board numerically or alpha-numerically allows us to analyze and play your games.

The acclaimed best move of all times is played in a similar manner to American Pool Chekers, the 'HOFF'. biggrin
GuestDate: Friday, 2012-04-06, 4:46 PM | Message # 7
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You take the "huff" in Jamaica? How does it work?
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