7:58 PM
Thanks Youngblood, I found this idea in one of the 19th Century books on board games, it is really very clever - no cards, no writing, and no confusion!
7:12 AM
I never noticedbefore but the Robin Rounds are brilliant. http://poolcheckers.com/help/Round_Robin.htm
2:00 PM
Do not know why but this site is basically abandoned, try http://poolcheckers.com instead
8:23 AM
the Site Catalog has a list of playing sites, also the library' parent site, http://poolcheckers.com has a list
11:21 AM
i'm new to this site
11:19 AM
hey does any know any online site i can play draught game please
5:22 AM
hi to all, i have found it. www.damaok.webs.com
1:59 PM
Nice site, good start
6:28 AM
www.philipinedraughts.weebly.com visit here ....
6:26 AM
5:28 PM
hi cna;t send you a message mr. tgf. my microsoft word is,nt work sorry for that mr. tgf
8:41 PM
hi to all!! Does anyone please have the serial key for aurora 3.0 patulong dare turn.
3:18 AM
Drew, this is the library site; the message said "e-library", that is a page on the http://poolcheckers.com/ site
8:25 PM
Jake , where are the "new" books ?
1:59 PM
Hi kumusta ka? Marunong ka ba ng magsalita ng English?
7:04 PM
thanks a lot! happy
11:41 AM
Very beautiful
4:29 AM
7:13 AM
Hi jean, are these your photos?
5:01 AM
5:47 AM
country we have here in the Philippines so many players simply do not support the government and local sector .. would have a major tournament here in my area. I love Draughts.
11:32 PM
9:21 PM
they seem to work better in compatibility mode.
8:44 PM
I noticed that new sent messages appears twice
2:22 PM
Thanks Jake for referring me to the library/website.
8:07 AM
Is there a way to send messages from the comments section to google groups
8:06 AM
Check the new "Puzzle a day" in Collections. Try to participate and keep up!
7:18 AM
This is not a library?
10:21 PM
Where do I find the electronic library?
6:45 PM
thank you jake for your Halp
4:48 PM
tgf, thanks Jake for the daily updates on the tournament!
5:09 AM
Welcome TallTimber to the site!