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Main » 2011 » October » 1 » First Brazilian Women World League
9:50 AM
First Brazilian Women World League
The First Brazilian Women World League starts today
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1 tgf  
Moldavian master Monya Norel gives an interesting analysis of this ending at the Women tournament.

de3! cb6 hg7! fh8(after fh6 ed4 ba5 cb2! ac1 hg5 white win) fg5 and black must seeks a draw with dс5

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2 tgf  
The following is the Google translation of the article on the site.

A new era ...

The Women's World Championship ended in Campinas-SP and already has established itself as
the beginning of a new era in the history of Brazilian and world checkers.

That void, that exists today, that silence, that absence of all the Rui Barbosa Square
walk in our memory as something we feel is great, but still can not define how that is,
the absence of other similar events anywhere in the world.

Campinas, a city symbol of the culture in our country, now historically is renowned for
making a championship of this magnitude.

The game was extra big star, no doubt, the Aquarium Acoustic air conditioning, first used
in competition, and that was like a spotlight universal, sending a message that the game
of checkers is no longer a mere sport and became an entity involving the objective and
subjective things in our lives.

How objective, the resources deployed there will be seeds of how we can reach different
levels in our society, which always seeks the fair, dignified, and culture for
themselves. Investing in something like this is a sign of intelligence that governments
capitalize certainties for the welfare of his people.

As subjective, the achievements are a peaceful way of becoming a hero.

Representatives of several countries and each has contributed, with his grace, charm and
intelligence. They brought in each place where they came from, their culture, their way
of life, their tastes, their small details. Each participant gave us lessons of history,
geography and morality.

Warriors, they became a new flower garden.

The Russian Ekaterina Bushuev was the great champion. Her personal victory also
represents the culture of Eastern Europe. How, there, it comes with respect, discipline
and competence in any activity that one is proposed.

Sarshaeva Zhanna, Russia, and Julia Romanscaia from Moldova ranked 2nd and 3rd places
respectively. Again, Eastern Europe was present.

Liu Pei, China, who led the championship until the final moments, was in fourth place,
but it certainly showed exceptional intellectual development of the Chinese people
participating in any activity.

Finally, our two princesses Ana Paula and Tatiana. That became two queens.

They went to the sacrifice, and their participation brought to Brazilian Checkers
great results. Any change you make to the growth of our sport in Brazil, will be based on
memory and the act of self-sacrifice of these two Brazilian. They deserve all our praise.

For the simple fact that they are participating in a World Cup, they were already

But they brought also other elements, when they showed discipline, respect and fight in
every movement, every gesture. They were Brazil and Brazil thanks to them.

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