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Main » 2012 » July » 9 » Reports from Atlanta 2012
6:15 AM
Reports from Atlanta 2012
I have arrived to Atlanta yesterday, there was about a dozen players, local and out of town, greeting newcomers at the hotel. Some old friends I knew for 25 years. My brother just came from Europe, it seems every hotel there is charging $20 a day for computer connection. The airports are charging too, and there was an in-flight charge of $17 on my trip! They are making money on everything! So it was so nice to discover the Wellesley Inn was old-fashioned and had the internet free.
I had a long conversation with Alfred "Eastpoint" Barnett, the 8-times American Champion. He moved away to a small town and there is trying to teach local kids to play checkers. While I was showing him bits and pieces of the Library site I was amazed at the speed with which he was solving positions on the screen! He asked me to sell some of the books - but I do not sell, plus - all the books are available on the site - print them yourself!
For many years Mr. Barnett cherished the thought of writing a book, but I think he needs someone local to help put his thoughts on paper. Last time it was Mr. David Jackson who liaisoned posting some beautiful shots from Eastpoint. Let's hope more is to come.
At the restaurant I met another familiar looking gentleman. Turned out he was from Bahamas (they have a huge number of top checkers players), I played him in 1986 in St. Louis, Missouri. He said I offered him a draw but he did not accept and is mad about that till now :)
Ok, more reports to come...
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21 Youngblood   [Entry]
This was a little tricky for me, so I'm just making some test to make sure I have it down.

1.13-17 12x3 2.4-8 3x12 3.17-22 26x17 4.14x30 23x14 5.30x16 12x6 6.1x17 27-23 7.17-22 23-18 [ 7...24-19 8.22-25 23-18 9.25-30 18-14 (9...19-15 10.30-25 18-14 11.25x4 28-24 12.4-15 24-20 13.7-11) 10.30x12 14-9 11.12-19 ] 8.22x15 24-19 9.15x24 28x19 10.7-11

1.6-10 11x4 2.26-31 15x6 3.31x1 4x29 4.12-16 20x11 5.5-9 13x6 6.1x4

1.5-9 12x3 2.4-8 3x12 3.17-22 26x17 4.21x23 12x26 5.9-14 10x17 6.13x31

1.12-16 19x12 2.3-7 12x3 3.11-15 18x2 4.1-5 3x14 5.9x20 2x9 6.5x23

22 Nkunda   [Entry]
This is awesome, Jake, I realy like it, it is as if I was there I have learnt a lot and continue the good job cry

23 tgf   [Entry]
Alfred "Eastpoint" Barnett was victorious once again with 80 points. Calvin Monroe was second with 72, Al Lambert was third with 68. I am sitting at the closing ceremony and typing this while they announce the winners. Both Mr. Barnett and Mr. Monroe are from the same city Atlanta, Georgia and their competition proved most fruitful, each of them won the national title nine times. The beaming 95-year old George Robinson received an ovation taking the 5th pace!

24 tgf   [Entry]
Dr. Smith, who LOVES endgames, asked about one on card #62. I tried it this way, then another - but it takes a special mind to solve endings.
Luckily I knew a place where those minds were - and half an hour later got 3 answers, they were amused I asked such a simple question smile

25 havilah36   [Entry]
I just got back from the national tournament in atlanta and i am so so so glad that i went. it was a fabulous tournamet. i had a chance to meet players from other cities. Going to Nationals is an experience that is like no other. Just to be in the presence of great players, in all divisions, is an experience that money can't buy. Jake and Shotgun are so generous in freely giving their knowledge to the players. Thanks Mr Kacher and Shotgun. Coming so close to clinching the Gold bar title, I am on a quest to commit myself to studying all that is available. You guys are a blessing to the game of pool checkers. Mr Shotgun, Mr Wayne Lockheart, Mr Stoney Burke, the Geogia poolchecker club, and others put on a wonderful tournament. There were no kinks in the hose. To me, everything ran smoothly.
Michael "Havilah" Adkins (Georgia)

26 therazor   [Entry]
This was one of the best Tournament ever. There were 81 players and many spectators. In fact, there were too many players for the size of the Room. Eastpoint, Al Barnett, of Georgia the top Master's Division, Calvin Monroe got second place, and Al Lambert of Chicago won Third place.
The Surprise of the Tournament was Mike"Boy Wonder"of DC who won first place in the master division.

*  27 Sacks1   [Entry]
What a challenge ? A man at 95 still cracking brains on Checkers/draughts and at the end of the competition he takes the fifth(5) place. surprised

*  28 tgf   [Entry]
I do not quite understood your sentiment, what you were trying to say, but I want to assure you that George Robinson is indeed that strong, he can beat anyone with the ease and mastery obtained through the life-long pursuit of excellence.

*  29 therazor   [Entry]
One of the best Tournaments ever!!. There were 81 players registered for the Tournament and and lots of Spectators. Al Barnett of Georgia won the Top Masters' Division, Calvin Monroe won second place, and Al Lambert of Chicago, took third place. Mike Weaver of Washington DC won the Masters' division. The Tournament ended Thursday night with a Banquet to celebrate the the various winners. The 2013 Tournament will be held in Columbia SC and the 2014 tournament willl be held in Chicago, Illionos.

*  30 tgf   [Entry]
Atlanta airport had several hotels right near each other, with restaurants dispursed here and there and one more ominous neighbor - a cemetery. I kept eating at a different place each time until I got to the "Happy Buddha" Chinese restaurant - it probably populated half of the lot! You just don't eat there twice! surprised

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